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  1. 99% Purity Tiletamine HCl Powder Factory Supply

    Tiletamin Hydrochloride Details: Product Name: Tiletamin Hydrochloride Product Name Tiletamin Hydrochloride Alias Tiletamin Hydrochloride;Cyclohexanone, 2-(ethylamino)-2-(2-thienyl)-,hydrochloride;Tiletamin Hydrochloride;CI-634;CL-399;CN-54521-2; Nsc167740; Tiletamin hydrochloride CAS 14176-50-2 MF C12H17NOS.ClH MW 259.799 EINECS 1312995-182-4 Purity 99% Appearance White to off-white Powder Certification ISO 9001, USP, BP Standard Enterprise Standard Grade Pharma Grade Usage Tiletamin is a receptor antagonist, an anesthetic. Storage Store in cool and dry area and keep away from direct sunlight
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  2. Tetracaine Hcl

    Pontocaine CAS No.: 136-47-0 Pontocaine Molecular formula: C15H25ClN2O2 Molecular weight: 300.82 EINECS number: 205-248-5 Melting point: 149C Storage conditions Pontocaine : Solubility alcohol: Solublesoluble 40 parts of solvent.
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